• Dog Team
  • Walrus Version 2.2
  • grafitti
  • hiking
  • iceberg
  • nunavut-narraway
  • cruising-top-world
  • campgrounds-nunavut-valberg
  • history
  • Narwhals
  • Take a trip

    on a dog sled
  • The average walrus weighs up to 1400 kilograms

    and can live to be over 40 years old
  • Beautiful art

    around every corner
  • Go for a hike

    and discover Nunavut for yourself
  • Get up close and personal

    with giant icebergs
  • Relaxing by the sea

    near Cape Dorset
  • Cruising across

    the top of the world
  • Campgrounds in Nunavut

    are special places to enjoy
  • A rich history

    is awaiting you
  • Watch the narwhals

    swim in the crisp Arctic waters
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